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Recharge your Hybrid Battery in Redondo Beach


At Osborn’s Automotive in Redondo Beach, we’ve been servicing hybrids since the early 2000’s when the Honda Insight and early Prius’s were starting to show up on the road. When it comes to Hybrid Service, you need a team of dedicated professionals. Not a typical dealership that employs one technician certified in Hybrid Service that oversees some of the work, you want a team that is fully certified and can do it all. From normal routine maintenance, to major “Hybrid Surgery”, we can help. Meet a few of our team below:


We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to keep your hybrid rolling
Redondo Beach Hybrid Service - Scott Osborn

Scott Osborn


Auto mechanics has been a passion since his senior year in high school. And, 39 years later he‘s done it all---from his first job as an island attendant, to a technician’s assistant, one of the first 76 Protech Master Technicians, Service Manager and a Certified ASE Master Technician. In 1986, he became owner/operator of Osborn‘s Automotive and Union 76 Station in North Hollywood, then two years later in 1988 relocated to here in Redondo Beach. He has progressively developed the business to become one of the South Bay’s busiest and most referred garages.

His commitments to quality, honesty, fairness and value, have made Osborn‘s Automotive a neighborhood favorite. Osborn’s high-tech repair facility features all of the latest diagnostic and repair equipment such as an ALLDATA and Mitchell automotive computer repair systems, air conditioning, fuel injection cleaning equipment, and a state-of-the-art engine analyzers.

He is also a leader in the automotive industry as well as in the community. He was one of the founding members of the Service Technicians Society, the International Automotive Technicians Network, and the innovative Protech Patrol. The Protech Patrol, begun in 1982 with just four trucks, offered free roadside assistance to stranded motorists in LA County. The state of California liked the program so much that they took it over, expanded it, and continue to operate it to this day.

Master Patch Further, Osborn is a member of the Car Care Council, the California Automotive Service Council, and is a past vice-president of the Automotive Trade Organizations of California. He is also a former member of the Riviera Village Association Board.

In 2012, he created a software company that is used as an online service for shops around the country to do a better job of inspecting customers vehicles by analyzing and monitoring employees habits and bias in the industry.

Scott has received a number of awards over the years, including the coveted AAA Quality Service Award.

Redondo Beach Hybrid Service - Jaime Sanders

Jaime Sanders

General Manager

Jaime recently relocated from Northern California to join our spectacular crew here at Osborn‘s Automotive. Although the interview and hiring process was restricted to phone calls and emails rest assured that in true Osborn style Jaime did in fact interview with the entire Osborn Clan; including, a thorough shake down by Oz’s daughter and future son-in-law.

As with all Service Managers before her Jaime is well established in the Automotive Industry. Jaime has played the role of Service Manager for the past 8 years and had extensive training in Customer Service. Prior to "falling" into the Automotive Industry Jaime’s career has always focused on providing outstanding Customer Service and overall process improvement.

As an ASE Certified Service Consultant, Jaime‘s goal is to establish a relationship with the customer in order to act as a bridge of communication between the customer and the technician. In her own words, "Technicians tend to speak in their own language, a jargon that most customers don’t understand; I want to bridge that gap in communication in order be able to more effectively explain the problem to the customer in layman’s terms."

Jaime refers to herself as a "perpetual" student and has been enrolled in one college or another for the past 15 years. With the ultimate goal being to earn her MBA she has taken an assortment of classes favoring history and social sciences. Jaime possesses a true passion for automotive repair and hopes to help spotlight the need to recruit more women to join the industry.

On the weekends you may spot Jaime driving by your house multiple times, don’t worry she is not stalking you, she is most likely lost. If you would kindly:

Point her in the right direction
Call lost and found (Oz’s Cell) or
Just for fun point her in a completely different direction!

Redondo Beach Hybrid Service - Keith Cordero

Keith Cordero

Hybrid Certified

Cordero is our resident Lance Armstrong, Err wait a minute…….

Keith, better known as "Cordero", has been with Osborn‘s since 1852. Well, it feels like it’s been that long anyway. You don‘t believe me? Ask Keith. On the weekends you can find Keith out on a bike path, basking in the sun or at home taking a nap (hopefully he isn’t doing all three at the same time) . Keith leads a quiet well regimented, quiet lifestyle, let’s see today is Monday so he will be having meatloaf for dinner. Get my drift?

It was down at the racetracks that Keith discovered he wanted to be a mechanic. As a young tyke his neighbor introduced him to drag racing, Keith decided right then and there that he wanted to be a part of a pit crew when he grew up. Note: as far as we can tell Keith never did quite grow up. From there it’s a bit of a mushy love story between Keith and the industry; needless to say he has been a part of it for 30 years.

Tech CertifiedKeith is an amazing technician. I am personally impressed by our entire crew, but Keith is truly adept for this field. He doesn’t have the same in depth knowledge of the inner working of a vehicle, but has a better all-around understanding. Keith is extremely focused and pays close attention to detail. When he does make a mistake (it has happened, although it is a very rare occurrence) he is the first to recognize it and take immediate actions to correct it. Of course, as with all Team Osborn employees Keith has his ASE certifications. Keith is an exceptional technician and employee. We are very fortunate to have him.